Bull Connor: Icon of Alabama Racism

The story of the mistreatment of African Americans is well known and doesn’t need to be repeated here. Campaigning for change, thousands of youngsters exploited the obstinate bigotry of a white supremacist and gave new impetus to the civil rights movement.

The system of segregation in Birmingham, Alabama was enforced by the Commissioner of Public Safety, Eugene “Bull” Connor (right). Digital History notes that, “Calling Birmingham ‘the most thoroughly segregated city in the United States,’ the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. announced in early 1963 that he would lead demonstrations in the city until demands for fair hiring practices and desegregation were met.”
“You can never whip these birds if you don’t keep you and them separate. I found that out in Birmingham. You’ve got to keep your white and black separate.”
“Bull” Connor

Project “C” Is Born

Dan Rather, the long-time CBS News correspondent, was involved in covering the civil rights movement in the U.S. south in 1962 and ’63. In his 2012 book, Rather Outspoken, he notes that the campaign for equality became stalled in 1963: “… they could march and chant and sing until hell froze over, but it wouldn’t make a dent unless they elicited an extreme response from the segregationists and the press was there to witness it, report it and show it on the air.”

So, the movement leaders launched Project “C” – for Confrontation. This was aimed at provoking authorities into so outrageous a reaction that it would rouse Americans out of their quiet acceptance of discrimination against black people.

The activists needed someone, in the words of Mr. Rather, so filled with racial hatred and so dumb “that he didn’t care what the pictures looked like.” They found such a person in Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Connor.

Falsely Accused of Child Abuse

Have You Been Falsely Accused of Child Abuse?

It is illegal for anyone to file a false report of child abuse, but unfortunately, it happens everyday. Even though 60% percent of reported abuse cases are false, this offense has the highest conviction rate of all felony crimes. The law is written to protect the children first, so even though you may be completely innocent, you could face long, expensive legal battles or even worse, you may possibly lose your children forever.
Falsely Accused?

Falsely Accused of Physical Abuse or Molestation?
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Don’t Sink into Denial

If you get caught in this nightmare, even though you are completely innocent, the first thing you must do is acknowledge the seriousness of the charges. If you feel you do not need to worry because they could not possibly have a case against you, you are placing yourself in danger. It is amazing how quickly these situations can get out of control. The consequences for a conviction of this crime can be horrific, so protect yourself and your children immediately. You should obtain a lawyer experienced with these types of charges. Don’t speak to any officials except your attorney about the case. Even if you have not been officially charged, you need to be prepared in case you are eventually arrested.
Do Not Confront your Accuser

At first, you may not even know who has made this terrifying accusation. The accuser does not have to be revealed unless there is a court order to do so. If you suspect or find out who it is, however, you should keep your distance. Do not go to see them, do not call them, do not have any contact with them whatsoever $6.
Be You Own Advocate

Learn everything you can about being falsely accused. Read books, internet articles or anything you can find on the subject. Discuss your findings with your attorney. Get involved with other people who have been falsely accused of similar crimes and learn from their experience. You will be amazed by how many people have been in your position. Build a support group of trusted family and friends around you. Ask them if they will be character witnesses for you if you need them.
Falsely Accused of Child Abuse
Falsely Accused of Child Abuse: A first hand account of my story from accusation to verdict
Falsely Accused of Child Abuse: A first hand account of my story from accusation to verdict
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Don’t Console Yourself with Alcohol or Drugs

Though this may well be the most stressful and depressing time of your life, do not give in to the temptation to blur the pain with alcohol or drugs. It could have the reverse effect and actually enhance the depression. It is also very important that you stay strictly within the confines of the law at this time. You could be asked to submit to a drug test or the court could call witnesses to testify that they had seen you impaired. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

This is a very scary time in your life, but do not panic. You need to keep your mind focused on contributing to your defense and finding the best way to protect yourself and your family from more damage. Most importantly, do not go through this allow. Retain a good lawyer and let your attorney help you. Take his advice and be prepared to wage the fight of your life. Your future is at stake.

All you need to know about camping at Sougia, Crete!

I have recently returned from my latest adventure: free camping in Sougia, Crete. Sougia is a marvelous resort in the south of Crete, Greece. You can reach Sougia by bus (that leaves every day at 5 am and 2 pm from the central station of Chania), by car or even by foot, if you dare crossing the wonderful mountains and also explore the Agia Irini Gorge.

The waters at Sougia are warm and deep enough for one to enjoy a well deserved swimming session in the sea – night swimming is definitely a treat when in this marvelous place! The beach is long and wide, being actually the longest one in the South-West of Crete. Sougia beach is 1.2 km long and 70 m wide at certain points. This most amazing beach is generously welcoming its visitors, which are not particularly many, but they are surely peculiar!

What you must really need to know about Sougia is that it is a very hidden place that has acquired a tranquil and even specific character due to its very special visitors, who discovered this resort in the 1970s and keep on visiting it ever since! And let me tell you something: They are wild! The regular visitors of this magic place called Sougia are the nature lovers who might actually choose to get rid of all inhibitions, unnecessary futile accessories, such as their swimming suites. Also, these particular Sougia visitors might actually choose the free camping experience even over the quite affordable accommodation offers that this snug paradise has to offer. In case you also feel like the wild children of mother nature, always ready to embrace essential roots of existence and you’d rather go free camping than book with a hotel or rent a room in the local tiny hostels, then there are a few things that you will need to know, such as:
Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent
Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent
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Find a spot that has good shadow. The beach is not completely ‘bold’, in the sense that it is enriched with some beautiful trees called Armirikia. These Armirikia trees prove to be quite useful while engaging and indulging in the free camping experience due to the shadow they keep during a hot summer day in Crete, Greece. You will find that you have made a very good choice if you decide to put your tent under Armirikia’s embracing shadow. Also, remember that the shadow forms in the right side of the tree during the morning, while it slips over to the left side of the tree in late afternoon and then evening. Why do I mention all of these details? Well, because you might not actually manage to get a spot just under the tree, so you need to be practical and think ahead, also according to your life rhythm. If you are a night person, you might end up going to sleep early in the morning after too much partying. Therefore, a well chosen spot shadow-wise might prove to be a long-term investment for an enjoyable stay, avoiding to get baked in your tend while you are suffering from a hangover.